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Originally Posted by 00bolt View Post
Im not sure how it would turn out since it has the rubbery coating.
Kevin Rose (Former TechTV start, Creator of Revision3,, thebroken, etc. etc.) had the logo laser etched on his black MacBook and it turned out really cool. A lot of people have the Black MacBook and Aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro's laser etched. I haven't seen any white one's done though. Probably just because it wouldn't show up that well on white. Hmm?

Apple does offer engraving for iPods (and iPhones, I believe) through the Apple Store, but does not offer custom vector art etching for MacBooks or anything else for that matter. They won't even engrave your name on a MacBook. But because they offer the services they do on the iPod, many people believe it voids your warranty to have it done any where else, much less have the back of your monitor panel custom etched.

I still haven't call AppleCare yet. I'm really busy working on a film project and spending all my free time playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe on PS3 (lol). It's a rental so I have to get all my playing time in before I have to take it back. I'll give them a call sometime this weekend, though.

I'll be ready to post when I call them so I'll be sure to let you guys know what I find.
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