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Ok, so I'm not computer illiterate but I'm not the most savvy guy either. I will be picking up a new Macbook soon and want to know if it's possible to take the Serial ATA hard drive out of my Sony VAIO and use a USB cable to connect it to my new Macbook and essentially use it as an external hard drive (in order to transfer all my old files to the new Macbook)? I have already tried this set up with my hard drive to my PS3 and the PS3 does not recognize that there is any sort of storage device plugged in. So obviously my concern is that the Macbook won't recognize it either. My first guess is that this is possible but I may have to format the disk with OS X in order for it to be recognized, but if I do that will I loose all my data? If someone could advise me on whether this is possible or if I should just go out and buy an external hard drive it would be greatly appreciated.
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