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Originally Posted by mucmac
Hey there,

I have just switched to mac and am having a little problem viewing my folders on the windows machine I use at work. I have a bunch of folders in iphoto that when I burn onto disk (using iphoto and also the finder burn options) don't show up when I open up the disk afterwards, both in windows machines and in a friend's mac. Is there anyway that I can burn the images using the folder option? It doesn't seem to want to let me in iphoto and when I export the folders into finder the folder names disappear and all I get is a whole bunch of file names, which are useless for the job I need to do. Any helo would be much appreciated. Cheers guys.
if you put a cd-r in your mac it will pop up a window asking you to name, after doing so the cd-r will be on your desktop and you can drage files onto the cd and then burn the cd. does that help? your post was a little confusing.
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