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Always go with the most computing power for your money. I realize that is a very PC way of thinking, but in this case makes sense. I like the last gen MBP because it is the last in the line, meaning most if not all of the kinks in manufacturing and architecture were worked out.

Plus, you are getting dedicated graphics as opposed to onboard. Also, it has two firewire ports and weighs very little. Anyone who finds a MBP too heavy or too large, wow, dear God hit a gym. For the power this thing is lighter than most conventional 13.3" notebooks, has a better resolution screen, 2 firewire ports, a dedicated DVI port, and is the same price. Plus, because it has a slightly larger battery to begin with, Battery life is a wash. So more power, same battery life, and minimally larger/ heavier. I mean MINIMALLY. For me, that was the clincher.

I have nothing negative to say about the new Macbook, but the previous gen MBP is a heck of a deal at its current price point, and is atypical for Mac. The new gen cpu architecture is similar, and the difference in memory speeds as currently constructed (DDR2 versus DDR3) is minimal. This will not even be a noticeable difference until we see Nehalem notebooks with the on-die memory controller for the cpu. Think of it like this. DDR3 is like a 4 lane high way, DDR2 is like a 3 lane highway. The problem is that the current CPU architecture doesn't even use all 3 lanes of the 3 lane highway (DDR2), so the 4 lane highway (DDR3) isn't even necessary yet. It makes good for marketing though
Yep, great comment. You right, man. That's my thought: instead of buying a cool new technology, is better to have a safe and super-tested old one. And it's not so old either!
That's the point: the new macbook unibody is cool, but the old mbp is a rock. Then, probably on february-march, releasing the new osX, maybe the new unibody will be fixed, but it seems to me that it still has some problems...
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