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Hey everybody,

I am thinking of buying a new Apple. My current PowerBook 12'' will follow me for long time but I'm thinking to take advantage of the new Intel chipset...
So, the question now is: which one?
I found as End Of Life a early 2008 MacBook Pro (so 15''). It is a 2,5ghz Intel Core Duo, 250 GB of HD, 512mb graphic board. I think (but not sure) that it is the one with LED monitor.
The alternative that I'm taking in consideration is the new MacBook (13'') unibody.

Now, my fears are the following:
1) coming from a 12'' monitor to face off a 15'' one could be scary (big computer to carry... but the 13'' is not THAT smaller...)
2) is the unibody really THAT better than the old 15 (I didn't see neither touch yet the unibody...)? And are the performances good as a 15 (even if the old one: the 15 has 6MB L2 cache while the unibody just 3MB). And the graphics?
3) I heard some complains about the unibody: what's your feelings? Should I wait until february (march? Arpil?) for the next release of the unibody before buying it? Or the 15 could be a good deal?
4) taking in account that I am going to have the 2.4 unibody (IF I'm going to have this: the backlight keyboard is MUCH better...) and that with educational discount it costs 1499, and that the 15'' EOL that I found is exactly at the same price, what do you suggest?

Thanks for your help
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