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There is a web site that does anodizing or at least I believe that's the process ColorWare uses to color change the 2nd Gen MacBook and MacBook Pro's. It's Colorware - Computers .

However, I know for a fact that ColorWare (and all other color changing companies and do-it-yourself color change modifications) DO VOID YOUR WARRANTY. ColorWare is the most popular color change company because they actually take over the responsibility of warranty work on you MacBook or whatever product you buy from them or have color changed.

I would love to have a new MacBook color changed to a jet black or metallic black, but if you look at the site, the trackpad is not painted, which leaves it sticking out like a sore thumb on any color other than a grey. And spending several hundred dollars to paint your MacBook the color it comes in would be a little silly. lol.

That's why I've decided to customize mine via laser etching. There's nothing in the Warranty Fine Print that comes right out and say you can't do it, but as the Apple Store employee pointed out, there's nothing that says you can, either.

He suggested I call Apple Care, but warned me that because I don't currently own a Mac, I would probably be charged for the call.
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