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Originally Posted by Derek McNelly View Post
I have a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot, and for the sake of your sleep and sanity, please do not get a bird secondhand.

I know that animal adoption is the humane thing to do, but my bird was witness to a rape, and he mimics the event, with GREAT fidelity to the original event, on a daily basis. We didn't know this until we got him home.

However, the bird can also mimic the sound of my truck starting perfectly, which is the single most amazing thing I've ever heard.

In any case, do yourself a favor, and if you do decide to get a bird, don't adopt one, contrary to popular opinion.

I had a cockatoo I adopted from an abusive household. I couldn't bear to keep her any longer after a year of hearing "WAKE THE (expletive) UP YOU (expletive, expletive) BIRD."
I couldn't wean the cockatoo off of saying it. Apparently 15 years in a household like that was too much for the bird.

Even the African Grey I have -
He was originally my mother's bird, but my stepfather is a sick sadistic.....Yeah...I'll stop there...
Sometimes I catch Bailey, my African Grey saying "Shut the (expletive) up you stupid (expletive) bird!"
He's stopped saying things like that almost all together, he does it very, very, very rarely nowadays.
While I agree with you Derek, I would say only adopt a Bird if you're ready to take on all of the bird's extra baggage that comes along with him/her.

But think of this Derek, it is very hard for a parrot to learn words, etc on only one time...So...Yeah...You know where I'm going with that...
Hopefully you can wean him off of repeating such a horrible event.

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