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As mean and weird as I seem on this forum, I am very altruistic when it comes to animals. My now stepmother has a friend who has tons of cats (Over 15.) My father and stepmother were going to give me a flame point Siamese kitten for my birthday that her friend has but she didn't want to let the cat go.
However when I came over her house today I was absolutely appalled at the now cat's overall health:
It has scratched almost all of its fur off of its ears. (Probably from fleas.)
It has bite marks all over its body. (Probably from fleas.)
Its ear tips seem to have this black scabbing on it. (Maybe from fleas?)
It's very timid and clawed the ever living daylights out of me when I tried to pick it up.

She has this stray black cat that is absolutely ADORABLE. It mews all the time because it wants love. I picked it up and put it on her bed and it stayed with me for the next 3 hours as I gave it the love,attention and affection it longs to have.
He is infested with fleas.
Has bite marks all over his body.
He cried and followed me to my car when I left.

I feel guilty because I want the black cat over the Siamese. I feel (As asinine as it sounds.) as it would actually WANT my care whereas the other cat wouldn't and would fight me tooth and nail.
However I had this similar problem 6 years ago with my now ex-girlfriend and two cats. There was this Seal Point Siamese cat curled up on his cat box in the pound, seemingly on his last legs whereas this big fat lovable calico was wooing us to adopt it. We took the Siamese and he turned out to be the best cat we ever had and I miss him horribly. (she has him.)
I'm honestly torn between the two because maybe the Siamese cat COULD actually turn out lovable, but it seems content being a skittish, outdoor cat...Ugh help..haha

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