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YouTube - Store Worker Trampled, Dies

I don't know what is more horrifying. The fact that only a few seemed to care about the guy or that laughter can be heard in the clip. I am so appalled that I can hear laughter in the background around 1:33. Those people laughing are so sick. They didn't help and they even criticized the cops who were actualy trying to save the guy while those people laughed and did nothing to help. If they thought the cops weren't doing a good enough job, then they should have done it themselves. According to Bloomberg, Some people were even asked to leave by store workers and they just continued to shop without any consideration at all. Those miserable brats were more concerned getting a brand new samsung cameras with 1 trillion megapixels and their 100 billion inch lcd tv rather than a life which can't be brought back. Then there are others who decide to go in a shootout at a Toys-R-Us store which was probably filled with kids and even babies. What has this society come to???

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