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Originally Posted by baggss View Post
That reminds me of another, completely OT, quote I read somewhere recently:

"The death of one person is a tragedy, the death of a million people is a statistic."

As I always say, individuals are smart, people are stupid.

This has nothing to do with being an American, it has to do with Western Consumerist culture in general and could have easily happened anywhere in the Western World.
I agree with that. I guess its kinda in-style to hate on America these days but really its not just those "idiot Americans." The rest of the western world is not sooo far and above the knuckle draggers in the states that its impossible for them to be involved in something like this. Your country of origin doesn't really determine your ability to reason, be logical or get sucked into the hysteria of a nationwide day of big sales. I'm not condoning the incident, im just saying anyone could of been part of it, anywhere, its not just because it happened within the imaginary boundaries of the USA.
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