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I registered here to report a huge annoyance I find within mac OS. I wonder if anyone expriences the same.

When you have a website open, which has functions relying on mousemovements or events, it seems that those get triggered even when the window isn't active. I've been working years with Windows and never experienced this.

I work on mac since Tiger and even Leopard has this same behaviour. This can't be on purpose, right? or is it?

Even, for instance, when you're in firefox and have the address panel fold out, when there's a button under that folded out panel and you click on an address it will also trigger that button.

Another example: I have a site running which pictures move when moving the mouse to X or Y. When I activate another window in mac, those mousemovements are still triggering the site's picture!

Has this been a topic before?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
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