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Well the main problem is the linux NTFS support is a kernel module which has yet to be ported to Darwin. Another tip is rather than take out their harddrive and all just boot either Knoppix_STD/Helix and scan with ClamAV after gettin the latest updates or boot BartPE (takes a bit to setup) and do your scanning from the bootable windows CD. (I do tech support mainly with BartPE and sometimes Knoppix if something like a drive is totally rooted)


Knoppix-STD (security tools distribution):


With these 3 discs I can pretty much solve anything bar fried hardware, Helix is my fave for getting data of someones screwed drive though I've only had to do this twice. The gnome version Gnoppix is great too if you've gotta take their drive for replacing/ send back for warranty, as they can still use their computer (one of my clients used Gnoppix for a week while his drive was gettin replaced as all he did was read email and surf the net)

Knoppix (KDE based linux bootable cd):
Gnoppix (GNOME based linux bootable cd):

Gnoppix is easier to use than Knoppix and has less software and looks better...
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