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Originally Posted by Aptmunich
Actually not quite true:

Linux does (or at least DID) have problems writing to NTFS as it is a microsoft proprietary file system and they aren't keen on giving away the details on it. There was a unauthorized hack to get linux writing to NTFS drives, but as far as I know you can't install a linux distro on NTFS.

This might have changed since my last linux experience though...
Well that might have been true once but using SUSE 7 I installed Win2000 on one disk using NTFS with a small partition (4 Gb) for the OS and a larger one for data and applications, I then put Linux on a second drive using a Journaled filesystem and set up a large partition for backups. Then I regularly took a copy of the NTFS OS partition into the Linux backup partition, if windross ever fell over I would simply boot into SUSE and copy the last backup straight over the NTFS OS partition and that would get everything working again. I can't see why the same thing shouldn't be possible under OS X although I've not tried it myself (and since XP-Pro does a similar thing itself my old system is now redundant so I've repartitioned everything and given the lot to XP).

btw if NTFS is a proprietry file system how come the DEC Alpha never had any problems running three different OSs on a single workstation and reading and writing to NTFS partitions from all three with no problems? (i.e WinNT, Unix & VMS)

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