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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Putting your MacBook to sleep and then placing it in a carry bag is NOT a good procedure to follow. If the machine wakes up while you're carrying it in the bag could cause it to overheat and even damage the hard drive if it should spin up. Shut it down completely before placing it in the carry bag.

You can tell if the machine is sleeping by the light in the front. The light will "pulse" when the machine is sleeping. If it's on steady, the machine is not sleeping.

I thought the whole point of that was that machine was asleep so you get an instant on?

Apple designed with this in mind so when you close the lid it takes an image of the ram and then powers everything down. It also parks the drive heads if I remember rightly. Realistically how difficult is it to get a mac to wake while carrying it. Mine has gone everywhere with me for the last three months and have had nothing like that happen.
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