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I recently purchased the new MacBook Pro and I want to install windows vista to play some good windows games. I read that 64-bit Vista allows more gigs of memory to be utilised so I want to install a 64-bit version of Vista. I did some reading and discovered that it can be done but you need to download some extra drivers that come with the Mac Pro (or something like that), but then i discovered that Bootcamp 2.1 has these drivers so i now am unsure about how to install vista 64-bit. I am familiar with how to install windows XP as i installed XP with my old macBook, but I have trouble with Vista and when detail about extra drivers and other features is required. So would someone be able to tell me what else i need to download and install and how to do it, considering i already have the new bootcamp (BCUpdateVista64.exe) but nothing else. I dont even know which 64-bit vista i should purchase. thankyou, your help will be greatly appreciated.
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