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I'm a PC tech. I use a Windows PC w/ Norton AV to scan customers infected drives. The process is simple. I pull their drive, put it in my system and scan it with NAV (switching to Trend Micro though now).

Anyways, i can also do this on site for the customer with my winxp lappy and an external firewire drive hook up.

My question is this. I have the Virex from my .Mac account, and I have Symantec for the Mac. Could I use my Mac's to scan infected PC drives and clean it as reliably as my winxp setup?

I know its kind of wierd. I use Macs for my office and records keeping setup. I use it on site to do my invoices and printing. I use it at home for everything else. But basically I just use the PC's at work for scanning for virus'. Any idea if the Macs can do that as well?

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