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I just read your post (loganP8000) about the hot pixel. I'm hoping that something along those lines would fix my hot or dead pixel. Just a couple quick questions- is a hot pixel the same as a dead one?

My problem pixel appears bright white on light colored backgrounds. It's in the bottom right portion of the screen. I, too, called Apple to have them tell me that a single pixel is not within their parameters for fixing (especially 2 weeks out of warranty). I've been reading up on the pixel thing and so far as I can tell, the looping videos that you place over the spot only work for "stuck" pixels- stuck on a single color.

I have to admit, I'm scared to possibly make the screen worse. I suppose one pixel is not THAT big of a deal. What did you use to press on the screen? I've heard that it works best to just press the immediate area...
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