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My 13" Macbook's fans are running at 6,000 rpms, full time after one minute of use. I've got Istat running, and the cpu thermometer reads over 170 degrees all the time, and the rest of them don't even reach 140. I thought it was a problem with that garbage optical drive since it spun even without a disc inserted, so I pulled that out, but the problem hasn't gotten any better (but at least my macbook's a bit lighter!).

I'm not running a lot of processes, and the cpu usage is rarely above 50%. Also, the macbook doesn't feel too hot like it usually would when the cpu is running hot. I've had this one since they first came out, about 3 or so years ago, but it just started this problem a couple weeks ago, and now the battery won't last through class, so I'm screwed.

The only thing left that I can think of is that the thermometer on the cpu itself has gone south. Is this a common problem? Is it fixable? Any other ideas as to what the problem could be? Thanks all.
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