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I had the worst election day ever. No, seriously.

I woke up bright and early and stood in line before the polls opened in Warren, MI. I used to go to MSU (Michigan State University) and my original voter registration is there 1.5 hours away in East Lansing. I transferred my registration to Warren, but not in time says the voting lady. Sigh...

Since it would go against my very core values not to vote, I decide to pack into my car and high-tail it to EL. On the way, almost there, literally ONE EXIT away from getting off the freeway, my car breaks down and will not start again. I have it towed (for $92) to a mechanic. I then have my friend pick me up and drive me to the polls where my actual voting experience went smoothly.

Then the mechanic calls me up.

My engine is ruined, anti-freeze leaked into certain parts (the bearings were mentioned exclusively) and I need a new engine. I have to pay $80 for the inspection and another $315 to have it towed to my uncle's shop to get the new engine on the cheap. I then have to wait for my g/f's step dad to get off work and come pick us up. We have hours to kill and cannot go inside because we brought the dog.

Told you it was the worst ever, haha! XD

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