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NeilP has a little shameless behaviour in the past

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External drives, no thanks. More cables, more boxes, power supply, clutter. Nah I think I will stick to the removable caddies while on the PC. I have two slots and a case of spare caddies from when a local office block was being pulled down.
The PC in question is an old server case with loads of spare drive bays that could still take two more removable caddy trays.I use Windows mostly, but if I want to play around with a linux distro and want to try a full install, I can just pull the boot drive out, stick another in and install to that. I actually keep various other boot HDD's with Windows on as well, so if I want to muck around with some new software, I just swap the boot drive and try out the software without risking the main system.
Was looking at making the data drive caddy hot swap too, using an IDE to USB adapter inside the case connected to the back of the drive bay and an internal USB port Won't bother now though if I do go for a Mac.

Mark, Thanks for the info on the MIRA software and reciever, that looks great.

Just have to save up now, may be a few months yet, but defintely want a MAC.

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