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hi, for my conceptual thinking class I'm starting an assignment which deals with market research and all that good stuff. The final aim of the project is going to be to construct a pair of sandals.yeah... sandals that works well with the market we've chosen.

this forum i believe has a lot of members of my market group. so please, if you're bored and feel like helping out a college student, please fill this baby out.
thanks =]

1. Age?

2. Sex?

3. Education?
a. College Graduate
b. No college
c. Some college
d. Still in college

4. Married?
a. Yes
b. No

5. Any kids?
a. Yes
b. No

6. Where do you live?
a. Suburbs
b. Big city

7. What are your living arrangements?
a. Rent – apartment
b. Rent – house
c. Own- house
d. Own - apartment
e. At home

8. Would you consider yourself tech savvy and up to date with the newest technology?
a. Highly
b. Somewhat
c. Not at all

9. Do you have any sort of preference when it comes to colors?
a. Yes
b. No

10. If so which colors? _____

11. How much would you usually spend on a pair of high quality brand name footwear?
a.Under $30
b. $30 - $60
c. $60 - $80
d. $80 - $100
e. $100 +

12. Do you tend to buy products based on the brand name?
a. Yes
b. No

13. When searching for footwear, what’s your top priority?
a. Looks
b. Functionality
c. Comfort
d. Price
e. A mix of all of the above

14. In general which kind of design do you prefer?
a. Slick, simple and functional
b. Bulky, powerful and elaborate.

15. Do you have a favorite brand of shoes? If so which ones?

p.s: my target audience is going to be from ages 23-35
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