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I'm running a 3.06 iMac with 4g of ram and Nvidia 8800 v card. I have XP Home running in Fusion on a virtual partition. I have attached a Samsung T190 monitor to use mainly with AutoCAD. I'm using a Logitech MX518 mouse configured with Steermouse.

It runs perfect in Mac and in PC when not in full screen. The problems arise when I switch to full screen and stretch the PC window to both monitors. At first the mouse was so gittery when in the second monitor that it was virtually unusable. After searching for an hour or so I found that if I dial the slider in the hardware accerlation box in XP back one click it corrected the gitteriness for the most part.

Now my problem is the interface between the two monitors. The second monitor is located on the right. When I transition from left to right monitor, I have two intermittent problems.

First, the mouse won't go to the second monitor. Instead, when I get to the transition it either gets bounced to the center of the main screen or kicked all the way over to the left side of the main monitor.

The second problem is just as annoying. I can transition between the two monitors easily enough, but every so often when I transition, the mouse is sudden transported to the opposite side of the main screen.

These issues are very frustrating and negate any advantage a second monitor offers in CAD use. I tried downloading the Logitech drivers (Setpoint) to the PC side. But, when I run the program, it doesn't recognize the mouse. I also when through all of the different slider setting in the hardware accelration configuration in XP with no improvement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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