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Yeah but I am also worried about noise and heat - the iMac/AppleTV and Time Capsule are whisper quiet as I have them laid out on a surface and not stacked or anything - I tried 'tidying' them up in a rack but even with loads of ventilation it caused the fans to come on a lot (on apple tv and time capsule) so they sit side-by-side with each other now.

Anyway, I think what I am going to do is this:

- iMac - has around 80GB free now so will leave it as it is
- TIme Capsule - now configured to back up the 80GB of photos/music and other files etc but told to exclude the movies folder on itunes
- All further movies will be on the time capsule and simply aliased on itunes - I've tried this and even with internet use, time machine in progress it still streamed a movie from time capsule->imac->aTV no problem! This leaves me around 400GB to play with for more movies over time - more than enough I like to think!
- As I don't want to lose the movies if my imac and time capsule get stolen/blow up/burnt in a house fire etc. etc. I am going to buy a USB powered portable hard drive (probably around 500gb - I think Lacie do one) and then just periodically back up the movies folder in itunes and the movies folder on time capsule and store it in the fire proof safe I have tucked away in the house!

So, not the slickest but I think it suits me best.

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