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***Sorry, the post ended quite long - I think I got carried away!***

I'm a great believer in doing a clean install every now and then to flush out demons and generally speed things up. I usually do a full back up and then use migration assistant to bring my account back once I've done a clean install.

I got to thinking yesterday about going thru the motions today, and sure enough I am writing this on the wife's PC while the Mac does it's thing.

This time, however, I have decided not migrate my account back, and instead have taken back up copies of certain prefs, application data and music & photos etc just to ensure I keep my creature comforts.

Whilst I was routing around copying the relevant files, it came as quite a shock to see the number of useless information I have stored within my Home folder. Masses of useless files that have been created throughtout 5 years of Mac based computing (I migrated my account from my first G4 Powermac). The number of files an folders that I still have from apps that I no longer use or even own was amazing!

Going thru my current Applications folder made me laugh as well. The amount of random freeware that I seem to have accumulated over the years is staggering! And I won't bother mentioning my Documents folder...

Based on the size of Leopard and the data I have saved to copy across, I reckon I'm going to free up about 20-30GBs of space! And I need it! 120GB was a big drive when I bought the MBP 2 1/2 years ago... unfortunately not anymore.

So it got me thinking... how fat is your Mac? (I appreciate there are those among the community who ensure their drives stay clear of clutter and this may be irrelevant to you.) Have you taken the time to look in your Applications folder, or Documents folder to see just how much rubbish you are storing...?

Oh...and only pretty girls use Macs...
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