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From what I read USB 3.0's fastest speeds will be 600 MB/s (Megabytes, not Megabits) while 2.0 is up to 60 MB/s. This will change the initial backup speeds of Time Machine substantially. Current initial backups of a 160 GB HDD can take hours. With USB 3.0 it may only take 1 hour at most, depending on what the native speed of USB 3.0 will be.

I hope Apple is one of the first to put USB 3.0 in their laptops because I want it to be in Macbooks by next November. That's when I'll buy the 2nd refresh of Macbooks. I read that companies will begin to start putting USB 3.0 in their devices between 2009 and 2010 but knowing Apple they'll be among the first to support it. Can't wait.
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