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So, I looked in the console log and every time the computer was restarting was because of EyeTV which is a program I used, that came with the Miglia TV hardware, to watch live TV. I did a complete format of my HDD and reinstalled everything manually, but the problem still remained. I then got so frustrated that I sold my Miglia TV device and did the same format and manual reinstall again and have not had any further issues. Apparently, the EyeTV program just kept becoming corrupted and I had to scrap the hardware and software related to it. Side Note: I know the guy I sold it to and he has had no issues.

Two months later my screen died and I had multiple dead pixels and a weird "burn mark" on the screen itself. A five minute call to Apple and they sent me another replacement. It just goes to show you, Apple is awesome. No matter how mad I get I will never hate Apple.

To the Apple Support Agent in the previous post, if you are Gilbert or Ron, thank you. You were a source of help, sanity and support - as are all AppleCare Representatives.
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