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I'm a Linux/Windows sysadmin and the proud owner of a new MacBook Pro. I'm relatively new to OS X and Macs (although even after a few days I don't think I could go back!), and I ran across this thread while googling as I had the EXACT same problem (error installing Sigmatel driver, no audio). I wasn't able to find a solution online, but I did manage to work it out. I was trying to point device manager to the drivers on the boot camp DVD (which didn't work), when I noticed some interesting folders under the 'C:/Program Files/Sigmatel' directory - there's an MS hotfix (KB835221) that I installed, which then allowed me to install the Realtek drivers manually off the Boot Camp CD.

I don't know why it crashes on the Sigmatel install when my macbook has a realtek - at this point I don't really care, I have sound!

FYI, this has something to do with a slipstreamed XP SP3 install. Apparently a system that's been upgraded to SP3 (from SP2 or SP1) dosen't have this issue.

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