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Originally Posted by Andy348 View Post
I'm often disappointed whenever I meet someone from online in real life. I always picture people as who I imagine them to me, and I've been proved to have quite the imagination..
I remember vividly a well-known talkback host in this country saying to a regular old-timer, who'd invited him to call in for a beer one day after work ... "thanks very much, but I never socialise with talkback callers or accept invitations to meet them; the experience is often disappointing for both parties." He handled it very nicely/politely, but I thought at the time he was probably both right - and wise.

I've received a few PMs from forum users who say they're planning on traveling to NZ "sometime soon", and "maybe we'll meet up because I'll be visiting your area". I wonder how I'd handle that. Forums are in essence anonymous, as evidenced by the user names (some wonderful inventions there), and the admin has systems in place to protect people's privacy.

I think you make a good point about the forum atmosphere being such that you can imagine the characteristics of the respondent accurately much of the time. I still wonder though.
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