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Originally Posted by hughvane View Post
When someone a long way away, in a different country and culture, answers one of your questions, or a thread started by and continued by other persons, do you ever wonder ...
1. What does the respondent look like?
2. Is the respondent male or female?
3. How old is the respondent?
4. What the respondent is doing at the time (other than responding of course)
5. What kind of life the respondent leads/has led?
6. What makes the respondent tick eg. why s/he uses these forums?

Why these posers? One post in particular has got me thinking a lot about people beyond my own situation, culture and comfort zone, and who they really are.

I'd be a hopeless tourist because all I'd want to do would be to sit down amongst local people, to share a drink and to listen, swapping stories and life's experiences. The great cathedrals, art galleries, monuments and historical sites would have to do without me. I'm sure they'd cope.

I, myself, personally - all three of us - would welcome your thoughts about the interaction that goes on within this Mac-related microcosm of a United Nations.

I sometimes think about that, not only on this forum but in live in general...
Why are people doing the things they do ... anyway

1. I look like my avatar
2. Male
3. 48
4. I am having a cup of tea whilst listening to my daughter playing the piano
5. Before our 1st daughter was born in 1989, my life was chaotic because I was very restless, always busy, never took time for myself. Now I am the happiest person in the world
6. What drives me is ... my family and the people in my team. I will do all I can to help them grow and develop hoping that they will contribute in a positive way to this grazy world.

I am a strong believer in the concept of " Life Long Learning " and most important ... don't wait for an opportunity to be offered to you, but actively look for opportunities.


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