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Instead of saying what I was originally going to say, I'll go with this, because this forum is rather sensetive to insults:

Mike, you have no morals. You are a poor example of the human race as a whole. Finders keepers losers weepers is for pre-schoolers, Mike. Someday, someone will punch your lights out, Mike, because they will find that they highly dislike scumbags.

Just remember, what goes around comes around. It seems to be a universal truth, you know. I pray that you will reconsider your crime and at least call Apple to see whome really owns it. That is the correct thing to do. The moral, the right, the virtuous thing to do. Yet, I highly doubt you will. The only reason you posted a thanks here is to **** everyone off that told you to do otherwise. That is why you are, at least in my mind, many things that this forums' moderators would probably find highly offensive.

Oh and just so you know, I am the one who kicked your headlights in.
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