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Originally Posted by chaM View Post
My mac is going to slow at random times, ill click on things and they wont open then later on they will open. 2Gig ram apparently is not that good. How much will it cost to go to the apple store and have them put in 2 more gigs? It has to be done I feel like a lamer with these freezes.
2GB of RAM is still a decent amount. What kind of things are taking a long time to open? RAM may not be your problem, try some other things first.

Have you repaired disk permissions with Disk Utility?

Do you ever leave your Mac on overnight to let it perform it's daily/weekly/monthly maintenance tasks?

If you've not restarted your Mac in a long time, do so.

Is your hard drive nearly full (This will impact on performance)?

How much stuff have you got on your desktop (Having lots of files on the desktop will slow your Mac down)?

How many Apps do you have running at once (Are you closing them properly?)
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