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Well, seems I uncovered an unknown fault on the iPod Touch and iPhone.

If you happened to rip CD's with an older version of iTunes on a PC (whichever version of iTunes was out in 2005) and then burned the mp3 or m4a files to a Disc to transfer them into iTunes on your new Mac, then those files might not play on your iPod Touch or iPhone. All other iPods seem to be fine with those files.

They also play fine in iTunes just not the touch pods.

Went to the Genius bar and the guy was stumped, he had never seen a music track freeze up an ipod the way some of my albums did. Anyway we narrowed it down to the files (after 45 minutes of sleuthing) and I went home

I loaded every album I had onto my old iPod Touch as it has the same symptoms as my new iPhone and went through album by album checking the ones that would freeze the iPod and when I looked at my list I seen it seemed to be all the albums I ripped to my PC when I first ever installed iTunes.

So, I am re-encoding them using an app called switch and loading them back into my iTunes library, and you'll never guess what? It only works!


Abba here I come!


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