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the music is in 2 formats...


I think is because a few years ago I realised you could set iTunes to import music as mp3 instead of m4a. So I changed it.

Well, what I have done is tried to freshen everything up, I went to my iTunes music folder (which is in the default location) and moved the iTunes library file, iTunes Extras/itdb, iTunes Library Genius.itdb and the iTunes Music Library.xml files to a temporary folder on my desktop and started up iTunes and watched it rebuild the files.

Then watched in Shock as my iTunes had NOTHING in there. good job I saved those files! However, decided to see what would happen if I told iTunes to add my library to itself. So I did and it scanned the files, added them to iTunes, and then did something extra, it re-organized the tunes and folders in my iTunes music folder.

So after getting a few bits of artwork it couldn't find, I am now re-synching my iPod playlist to my iPhone and see what happens!

I will report back if anything has changed.


Ps, I remade the ipod playlist. basically, the only things my itunes has reference to are my ipod backups (but I don't think they get used unless you restore your iPod right?) and my music and Artwork. Everything else seems to have been rebuilt and reorganized by iTunes.

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