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I'll keep it short.

I have iTunes 8 and all my music is properly ripped and has album artwork. I never have a problem with playing music on my computer.

I have an iPod Touch, and about 3 months ago, certain albums wouldn't play, then more albums started not wanting to play. I would choose an album or song and it would go to the album artwork and not play the song and freely let me go back and choose another album, or it would 'freeze' and nothing I did would do anything.


Now I have an iPhone. And guess what? exact same thing, except this time it is on completely different albums! my Abba CD won't fire up at all, whereas on my ipod touch it was about one of the albums that did play.

It's irritating to say the least. All the music is legit and I have spent at least a full day over time making my iTunes library organised and perfect so that I could have it integrate with my ipod and iphone.

Now, does anyone have an idea from my description as to what could be the problem? Google doesn't seem to know, but I am starting to feel like it is either something to do with my apps, of which i have a handful, or my iTunes library.

I have tried a full restore of my ipod to full factory reset and nothing changed.

As usual, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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