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New mac user here (from windows), and I'm having a weird problem when I try to write files from the mac HD to a thumbdrive or an USB external drive. Classic case - downloading pictures from my camera to the external divice. I am used to the windows explorer, and it's ability to view the subdirectories on any attached (via usb) storage device (thumb, external HD). My question is this - is Finder able to view subdirectories of both the Mac HD and a USB storage device? In the same Finder window?

Also, when I've tried to see the subdirectories on the external storage devices, once I click on them to "drill down" so that I can move a file to a subdirectory, the external device (thumb or HD) often just disappears from Finder, even though it is physically still attached. Then, the only way I've found to get Finder to see the device again is to close it and re-open it. Is there something that I am doing incorrectly?


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