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I also intend to migrate to InDesign when I order the Creative Suite upgrade package. My wife has already forgotten most of the keyboard shortcuts in Quark XPress as she uses InDesign almost exclusively.

Glad to know you're able to print postscript files without a RIP to your printer.

Regarding ICC profiles, I belive they and ColorSync are essentially one and the same. The profiles are just specific to the devices you are using, or intend to use and want to have reflected in your proof. Generic Colorsync profiles aren't specific to any one device, which is why their results can be off.

thanks again for your feedback,

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Ive actually stopped using quark, Ive printed postscript files out of indesign though. as far as colors, I currently get prepress or better color quality from my canon printer if you set up a magical thing on your mac called ICC color profiles(works with colorsync if need be, but often better than colorsync).
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