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Thanks for the prompt reply. Have you ever printed a layout from Quark Xpress or InDesign that had postscript graphics placed in it, to your Canon printer? What sort of postscript files have you sent to your Canon printer?

In the old days (last year or so) some of the PostScript RIPS would send the PostScript data, but lose color managment info (Color Sync profiles), and I'm also wondering about this.

I will also check out the gimp print drivers. I am in the market for a new printer, and was hoping to find an inkjet printer than has PostScript built in, or available as an option. I then started wondering if I even need it...

thanks again for your help,

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that I know of, mac os x prints postscript files without extra apps or plugins, at least my canon printer does. also, you can use gimp print and that old printer will probably work in os x.
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