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Pardon my ignorance folks, but I'm an OS9 Luddite about to (finally) make the switch to OSX. I am about to purchase a new G5 system, including a new printer and need to figure out what my options are for printing PostScript files to an inkjet printer. None of the salespeople I ask have answers, as most consumers (and photographers) print bitmap images (no PostScript) to their injet printers.

I need to print graphic design layouts that include PostScript graphics (logos, etc.) to an inkjet printer. In the past, I've used EPSON PostScript RIP (raster image processor) to process the PostScript data. EPSON is not offering this for OSX, and I'm wondering if I even need it with OSX. They also aren't offering an OSX driver for my "antique" 1520, which is one, of many reasons, I want to replace it.

If I'm not mistaken, there is some "display PostScript" technology working with OSX, that carried over from the old NEXT brand computer days. I'm wondering if this somehow assists with printing PostScript files with OSX applications.

Can anyone tell me if there are any PostScript RIP software solutions that currently work with OSX, USB and inkjet printers? Would converting a file to an Acrobat PDF file work in place of a PostScript RIP?

Any advice, or links to information, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time,

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