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Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
xj6 for 'as is' read the unit is stuffed and covers the seller from any agro after the buyer realises it is just junk.
THANK YOU!!! I was thinking that!!! The guy is probably 17 and is like..."Oh I still have this? Let me get rid of it on eBay...."

Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
Either the CD/DVD drive is shot of just jammed. You can get a new drive and install it but those drives are $100+ everywhere I have looked. Also is the seller being truthful about the rest of the macbook?

Edit: I just looked at his auction. That thing is BEAT UP All the plastic on the edge is missing, cracks in the plastic by the keyboard. Is that screen cracked or is that the desktop? I would stay away from that if I were you.
Thanks Travis and I am...especially for the price...Over $400 now...Crazy....And I just sold this for $550. I wouldn't mind replacing a Hard Drive and CD Drive...if it sold for like $250..But man, that much? That thing is definitely just parts, plain parts hahaha...Some poor sap is gonna buy it and get royally screwed.
I'm sureeeee he has a "Buddy who works on macs." If it was just the Hard Drive, wouldn't you replace it? It's only $80-ish..
I bet the logic board is fried

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