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Dear all Macforum users,

I'm currently in the middle of a major re-vamping phase, after a CPU meltdown last week caused me to re-think how I use/store/back-up my files.

***Here's the current system I'm working with***

1. MBP 17" 160 Gb Core 2 duo (as main computer)
2. Mac Mini 80Gb/ 1.42 ghz/ 1Gb Ram
3. 250 Gb External drive
4. 160 Gb External drive

Also just got an i-phone too, but I don't want to confuse things any more than they already are...

My internet is hi-speed/fiber optic connection, but no wi-fi or airport base station connection yet.

Here's what's on my system:

1. MBP= just wiped clean, after new logic board installed by apple factory
2. Mac Mini= about 30gb in use (various files and apps)
3. 250 Gb Ext Hd = Mac OS Journaled, about 200 Gb in use (music/photo, home video backups, original user data from MBP, holding it there while apple repaired it)
4. 160 Gb Ext Hd= Not Journaled (FAT32), about 120 Gb in use, large movie database

***Here's my question***

With multiple back-up files, i-tunes/i-photo libraries, etc. all over the place, how can I get everything flowing together?

I just want to use the MBP as the main computer, with access to my photos, music and movies (about 100Gb altogether), and have the ability to take some with me if I have a presentation or a business trip.

I want to use the Mac Mini sparingly, as a home office (set up in the kitchen area).

MBP/Ext. 250 in one room
Mac Mini/Ext 160 in the kitchen seems like the best way...but how to organize it all??

I'm totally confused, and maybe I just need someone to break it down for me in simple terms- so I can see the best way.

Thanks for your help!

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