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I recently received a free beige g3 333, 128 ram, stock cd, zip, 4x yahama internal cdrw, 8 gb hard drive, with pci usb ports. It came with 8.5. It would not start up at first, kept on giving me error 11's. I used a boot disk and modified the extensions and it worked great. I wanted to update it to 9.1 and eventually to OS X. I installed OS 9.1, the installation went with no problems. I restarted the computer and I got the same error 11 messages. But I have been unable to fix it. Then I reinstalled the 8.5 and it worked perfectly. The only things I can think of is the hard drive and pram battery which is near or is dead. The hard drive is a 68 pin scsi hookedup through a pci atto express scsi card. IF any one knows what to do or has any ideas let me know.
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