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The way I understood it, and this is just me, is that USB was for the masses, and firewire was much more of a professional type of thing (hence my audio equipment using firewire). Hence, the mass notebook (MB) not having it anymore, and the Pro moving to the upgraded version of it (FW800). Someone else on the forum said (and I am paraphrasing) that most people with MB's probably don't even know what the heck that port is for, and I totally agree with that.

Is it crappy that they dropped it? For some people it is, but for most (read mass notebook model) it isn't a big deal at all. While I was at the store the other day I saw AT LEAST 15 MB's go out the door, and I bet not a single one of those people even knew, nor noticed, firewire missing.

I think a better comparison is when Apple switched from PPC to Intel. There was mass hysteria when that happened, but life moved on and so did the people. This, like everything else, will pass.

Just my two cents.

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