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I have to say that I'm a huge fan of the MacBook air and I'd love to get one soon because it is in my perfect price range, but how long do I have with it? I'm hoping to use this for at least 3 years.

1. 1.8GhZ CPU. How many new OSes does it take for this thing to be obsolete? I could see in three years after Snow Leopard a "2.0GhZ standard" for OSes.
2. Fan speed... I've heard that using any tough software burns your hand to the point you could cook sausages on your MBA. Is this an issue for casual browsing?
3. Is it worth getting this over the MB if all I do is listen to music, talk on msn, surf the web and do homework all at once? Will the CPU be able to handle this without causing burns to my wonderful hands?

Can someone just do this for me:
Open iWork
Open MSN or adium or whatever
Open iTunes and play a song
Open an Internet page like

Tell me how well it handles. Pretty much, if it does extremely well without killing your hand, it looks like this could be my next laptop!

Thank you so much.
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