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I used to be like that with cars too which is why the Jaguar I have right now is so special to me. I'll list all the Apples I've had since January:
-600MHz iBook G3
-300MHz Blue Clamshell
-500MHz TiBook
-366MHz Lime Clamshell
-3 more Blue Clamshells @300MHz
-2 Indigo Clamshells
-3 Tangerine Clamshells (I sold clamshells)
-700MHz eMac
-1.67 GHz Powerbook
-400MHz TiBook
-900MHz G4i iBook
-800MHz G4 iBook
-12" 1.33GHz Powerbook
- 2 MacBooks that were eBay disasters
-1.42 GHz 14" iBook
-This Macbook
-My Apple II
-500MHz G3 iBook
-Another 400MHz TiBook
-1GHz TiBook

I made a profit on all of them except the 1GHz TiBook (Of course) and this Macbook, and the ones I still have which are in my mac specs. Just sold the G3 iBook too for double profit.

20 computers in a year down to 1 how does that happen?

I'd love to get rid of my eMac too so I don't have to lug it up back up north. If anyone's interested let me know - it's green, not white.

Yes my name is Jaguar.
No, it is not a joke.
I don't find your "I'm a cheetah." joke funny.
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