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So after winning a 1ghz powerbook online and finalizing my plans to move back up to Rhode Island (My mom apologized for everything.) , I couldn't help but laugh as I smoked the day's last cigarette.

I'm going to have to sell my MacBook to pay my dad the $450 I still owe him for it. I don't want to leave here owing him money. Plus I won't need it when I'm back in Rhode Island. The 1GHz titanium powerbook will be just fine for what I need up there. However the fact a 1GHz TiBook was going to be my main 'book soon made me chuckle.

It was my now ex girlfriend who got me into Apples - she had a 1GHz TiBook.
I met her on October 21sh, 2007. I'm supposed to get my TiBook on the 21st of October. Plus I just think it's kinda cool that out of the 20+ Apples I've had in the past year, I'm ending it with the kind that got it all started.

....Plus I got the TiBook for $50 Can't complain about that!

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