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Well it happened to me. I am not American and I was working in Utah during the summer, I ordered the socks in February, got them after a month right before coming back home in March. The charger never came, and it arrived to my former job (I used that address to receive my stuff since my apartment complex didn't have a mailbox) around August. My boss sent it here to Peru when it arrived.

And it wasn't shipped from Cupertino or anywhere in the US, it was sent from China, and it came via DHL mail, not even UPS or FedEx. I couldn't get a refund because I had cancelled my debit card in March before coming back to my country so there was nowhere to have the refund. I actually had to buy the charger here for almost double the price when I got home... and I got the **** thing after so much time!

That's why I'm afraid 'cause this time when I go back to the USA, I wanna buy my MacBook and my Touch via the online store since the nearest Apple Store is kinda far away and I want a configured MacBook (4gb RAM, 320 gbs, etc) but I wanna get them soon and TOGETHER.
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