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I was going through the forums and saw the new posts saying they were released, I was up at 5am looking through all the macbook and pros, on dial up speed I might add, my broadband was overused and went to dial up speed, i have to remember i cant load 15 tabs at once at 5kb/s!

I really want one of the new macbooks, just the fact that they have a decent graphics card in them was the turning point. But i still have my original core duo macbook and its going strong with a 2GB ram upgrade and a HD upgrade to 320GB. I'll be building a PC next year with my IT course so I wouldnt have any need to buy it because that will have all the power I need and my macbook will become my traveling laptop that i'll take everywhere then that might justisfy mobileme. But when I start working, the first thing im doing, is gonna sell the PC and macbook and buy the MBP, I just cant resist!
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