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Likewise my recently acquired G4 has the same problem with the latest Debian PPC, Fedora, and YellowDog. Ubuntu 6.06 Live CD and OpenSuse 11.0 were successful on it. I bought it knowing there was no OS on its hard drive, but at $15.00, I took a chance. I also increased the RAM to 1 gig before I installed OpenSuse.

Someday, I hope Ubuntu or another Debian-based distro picks up the ball and scores an all-time hit. Adobe needs to support Linux on the Power PC, too. Remember Apple is not planning to support the Power PC platform for very long. I hope they surrender the codes to somebody, otherwise they'll be a lot of Macs in the dumps I'm afraid. Or a lot of people drilling holes for Intel motherboards in their Mac tower cases like I've seen on the Web.

Since this is a Mac Forum, I should ask if they make a Live CD of OS X to see if it will run, or do you know for sure what version will? I started with an Atari 8-bit computer, I still have my XT-PC clone, Tandy Model 100, and so I've been around awhile. I also turn Gateway full-tower cases into housing for AMD dual-Opteron and Intel Xeon motherboards. Old I.T. cast-offs are not junk to everyone.

Pushing "Option + C Key" only gave me 2 push buttons on the screen, one had a circled arrow, the other an arrow pointing right, and there were no words on the screen. I appear to have the DVD reader installed, an ATI Rage128 video card, and I unplugged the Apple 20 gig hard drive, and installed to a 60 gig for OpenSuse 11.0.

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