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Originally Posted by code777
Just curious how many 12" owners out there are happy with their screen size. This past week my friend left me with his Toshiba Satallite M35x S161 for "repair" (getting rid of all the spyware, hijack ware, virus, trojans, etc...) and I've been working on it 4 days straight. After going back to my 12" iBook it was like night/day. It got me thinking, should i get an external LCD? Or was this just an illusion, i was use to the 12" but after using the 15.4" widescreen I feel like I need more space.

Any other 12" fans feel this way? And if so did you purchase an external? If so what brand/model? Thoughts? Or am i just insane.
I've got two laptops, one 16' Alienware gaming machine and of course, the 12' iBook. I love the screen on my Alienware, large, crisp, 1600x1200 native res and the color, brightness (After adjustment) are spot on perfect. However, I love my iBook as well. Most web pages are native 1040x1280 nowadays so the iBooks native res fits most web pages fine with little scrolling, honestly it doesn't bother me one bit. I think with the larger models (and of course, my Alienware beast) you sacrifice a lot more with the larger screen; namely portability in both battery life and weight. And these are the reasons why I chose the iBook in the first place.
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