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Originally Posted by QUAD3PRO View Post
believe me, just use that mighty mouse for a few weeks. Rough it out and you will find that mouse is the best thing since sliced bread. It just takes some time. There are many settings in system preferences for the mighty mouse. You have your keyboard and mouse icon where you can change many things such as assign whatever button you want to a certain task. Then if you can't seem to get that scroll speed up fast enough in there, at the bottom of system preferences is universal access. click on that and there will be four tabs on top, the mouse tab is the last one, there you will have more options to speed up the mighty mouse. Make sure your mouse keys at the top are turned off. Hope this helps, e-mail me if you need further assistance.
This is almost sounding like disinformation, the mighty mouse is not the only mouse that is highly customizable.

I like Apple stuff, but come on, there are other great companies out there. Logitech is certainly one of the best mouse makers in the world, in my opinion.
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